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Give Yourself a Hand 3, if you're having a hard time locating this golden ticket - his fingers (or your own!) can be your best friend. Emily said: 'It's really easy to try new moves - you can spin the screen around for a 360 degree view of each position. You can control the speed and depth of penetration. The Butterfly 9, image m/Shunyu Fan, the butterfly sex position comes from the Kamasutra - think of your man as a butterfly and you as the flower. Head Over Heels 4, this one starts off as classic missionary. He kneels facing you, about where your legs are, and lifts your hips up level with his hips to enter you. A little lubricant and two fingers are all you need. First spent three months working through Hindu sex bible, Kama Sutra.

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Emily has dated Chris since 2011 but after two years of passion their sex-life started to stall so they looked for ways to spice. You can bend your knees and have him hold your feet or legs on either side of you while he plunges deep, deep inside. Counter Style 5, this one is as wild as it is effective. Emily Hiley, 25, and Chris Eltringham, 21, used Kama Sutra app. Either way, it's all good for you! Start by lying down on your back. Split Scissors 6, with your partner on his back, straddle him on the diagonal, placing either leg on either side of his hips. Maneuver so you get the right angle and rock each other's world. Emily Hiley, 25, claims she has tried out 400 different positions with her boyfriend after getting the interactive 3D sex guide. 'Were using mobile technology to make the classic sex guide more relevant and easier to use for todays readers.'.

karma sutra position prince george

Kamasutra - Love Machine - The Kamasutra : Positions, kamasutra The, kamasutra : Positions, kamasutra - All the positions of the, kamasutra - position, kamasutra online! Search results : Page 56 / 100. She lies on her back with her legs open and a pillow under her bum to make penetration easier. Sex position #91 - Iris Sex position #118 - Superman He lies over her. Sex position #91 - Iris. This is the position, in which it is possible to combine the sensual and irrestrainable sex, speeding. Termes manquants : prince george. Sex position #118 - Superman.

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Emily Hiley and her boyfriend Chris Eltringham have worked their way through more than 400 sexual positions after taking their iPad to bed and using the Kama Sutra 3D app, Karma Xcitra. You can tilt your own body to find the perfect angle for you. Rebecca Stokes, may 7, 2014, love Sex, doggy Style. The Wheelbarrow is karma sutra position prince george shown in 3-D form on an iPad. He can either hold your legs on either side of him, or drape your legs over his shoulders while he holds your butt up at the perfect angle. Have him grasp your hips and enter you from behind. She bends her legs and leans them on the mans back, straight arms she puts on his knees and makes karma sutra position prince george support on them. Insatiable couple try more than 400 sexual positions with interactive Kama Sutra app. After just three months they had worked their way through the entire book of 365 positions at their home in Erdington, Birmingham, so they started looking for another aid to satisfy their sexual appetite and found the app online. The pair have used the app and now mastered moves including the Wheelbarrow, the Catherine Wheel and the Prone Tiger. But this way we know exactly how to lie or stand or kneel.'. And within a couple of months the couple had found their way out of their sexual rut. This angle is ideal for sending you to the moon and back! Spooning Surprise 10, don't let this cuddly-sounding position fool you - this one is hot! The pair bought a copy of ancient Hindu sex bible, the Kama Sutra, to add a bit of spice to the bedroom. Published: 10:03 EDT, Updated: 13:02 EDT, 202, view comments, a mother has told how her sex life has been boosted after downloading a Kama Sutra app from the internet. Image m/SelectStock, we saved the best for last! Have him enter you from a standing position, facing you.